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What is Lite RTM?

Lite RTM has become the most popular closed molding process for low-to-medium volume applications (an annual range of 100-10,000 parts), a technology that New Boston RTM was among the earliest fiberglass fabricators to fully embrace over 15 years ago. With significantly lower tooling costs compared to traditional RTM, and a much cleaner and healthier working environment, Lite RTM provided benefits to both New Boston RTM and their clients.

The LRTM Process

The Lite RTM process mirrors the traditional RTM process, which requires two molds, a “male” and “female,” to create a part. The female mold is gel coated and then reinforcement material, such as pre-cut fiberglass, foam, wood, etc., is layered into the mold. Next, the male and female mold are vacuumed together and sealed. Once the mold is sealed the resin material is “transferred;” pumped through the fibers by vacuum assist. Finally, the part is cured, the male mold is removed, the part is lifted out and sent to trim and finishing.

Lite RTM truly is a “Green” process, particularly for production staff. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions levels associated with certain resins must be monitored and properly controlled. Compliance with VOC emission standards helps our workforce maintain a much more productive and satisfied workplace environment.

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