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Michael Angerer, President of New Boston RTM, is recognized by the reinforced fiberglass industry as both an expert and an innovator. One of the earliest adopters of closed molding technology. He had the vision to recognize the advantages and benefits of closed molding technology to produce strong, high quality parts with applications within a large number of industries.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Angerer has frequently been invited to be a guest speaker at the industry’s highest profile conventions, including the American Composite Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and the International Boatbuilders Exhibition (IBEX). His seminars are relevant, informative and always very popular.

The reinforced fiberglass industry is quite volatile, and companies come and go with alarming frequency. It’s a testament to Mr. Angerer’s expertise, business acumen and the quality of New Boston RTM’s work that he’s enjoyed continued success for over 40 years.

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