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Open Molded

Prototype: Working with your team the process begins with the creation of an exact prototype of your part based on your specifications.

Hand lay: The process of applying resin (usually polyester) to a reinforcement (usually fiberglass) and consolidating (removing the air) by hand with a brush and or roller within a one-sided open mold.

Spray up: Another option used to apply resin inside an open mold, the resin is sprayed, which speeds the process.

Closed Molded

LRTM: A composite molding process with two counter molds (male and female). Typically, the molds are joined, vacuum clamped, and resin is injected using vacuum assist into the mold cavity.

Closed molded parts feature a two-sided Class “A” exterior finish, and superior part-shape accuracy and quality. These parts can be fairly simple, flat shapes, or more complex shapes, such as head doors for a recreational boat.

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