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New Boston RTM is a provider of Lite RTM manufacturing. We work with you to solve your complex, specialty product needs.

Attention to Detail


Welcome to New Boston RTM, where, for over 40 years, fiberglass has been our only business. Our focus on process and quality, and our insistence on investing in advancements in technology, has made us a recognized world class manufacturer of fiberglass parts.

Industry Leader


For over 15 years we have been the industry leader in the custom closed molded fiberglass process known as RTM, Resin Transfer Molding. We have created close to 350,000 custom RTM parts serving a wide range of applications and industries, including: automotive, recreation, military, medical, agricultural, aerospace, alternative energy and more.

Lite RTM, A Green Process


New Boston RTM is leading the evolution of Low-pressure RTM, also known as Lite RTM, or LRTM. In LRTM, resin is transferred using a vacuum-assisted, low pressure injection system. Lite RTM requires less pressure, which means mold engineering is easier, and the reduced injection pressure results in lower environmental emissions.

Benefits of Lite RTM

Lite RTM

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